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Auto Detailing Facts

Detailing of cars involves three components, interior detailing, exterior detailing and engine detailing.


  • Interior detailing includes the cleaning-up of the inside of the car. The seats and upholstery, dash area, windows, floorings and door panels undergo thoroughly cleaning. Vacuuming is a must in cleaning the interior, steam cleaning of the carpeted area like the flooring and floor mats, brushes and cleaning solutions are used during the extensive cleaning process. Some areas needs polishing and most often, car detailers would remove the seats so that they can reach and clean thoroughly the hidden areas under the car seats.​


  • Exterior detailing of the car involves cleaning, protection and polishing. Cleaning entails the removal of dirt and other foreign particles on the outer surface by thorough washing and claying of the car’s surface. Right after washing, clay bar is used to smooth the surface of the car. This will help remove the fall-outs that are embedded in the paint of the car due to pollutant and contaminants the car is always exposed. These contaminants cannot be removed by simply washing. Correcting uses manual or machine polishes in getting rid of the fine scratches and swirls from the surface of the paint which are usually the results of incorrect washing and drying methods. Protecting is the last procedure when doing the car detailing of the exterior which entails applying protective wax which is found in the form of a paste, spray or liquid. This detailing method of the car’s surface is done to prevent foreign particles from sticking to the car’s surface. Wax and sealants provide protection against all the harsh elements and this could be the most expensive material used in exterior detailing.


  • Engine detailing is also offered by most car detailing services. They use high pressure water system, steam, degreasers and heavy duty cleaning solutions. Before washing the vehicle, clean the engine area first so that the dirt and grease will be washed off when washing the car. Cover the engine with heavy duty foils when using high pressure water and do not spray it directly to the engine. Cover the fenders with wet towels so that the paint will be protected from streaking and spotting during strong cleaning and degreasing process. Keep water away from the computer and electronic mechanism of the vehicle which is usually located in the left or right hand corners of the engine area. Simply wipe them with a damp towel in cleaning the dirt and dust. Though dressed engine looks good, it easily attracts dust. Wipe off extra dressing using a clean cloth.

Make a habit of car detailing. You can wash your car once a month, or twice a month but it is highly recommended to wash the car once a week.

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